Friday, April 17, 2009

Only 1 Left On Amazon, Satava Art Glass Moon Jellyfish Paperweight Sculpture

I should have bought one of these beautiful paperweights when they were more affordable. I remember back a few years ago first hearing about the Satava Art Glass Moon Jellyfish Paperweight Sculpture on Trendhunters, and wanted one sooo badly. I was too cheap to spend the $70.00 or so they first went for when I found them on ebay, and now they are in the $400.00-$3,500 range!

Man they are beautiful though! They just remind me of the Bahamas, Imagine a light being placed underneath!!! Stunning!!!

Here is another noteworthy Jellyfish lamp!

And you absolutely must check out this website, for even more of these lamps in other colors.

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