Monday, July 20, 2009

Review: Newly Designed, Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins

Seeing that many of you whom have landed on my blog to get to know Grand Bahama Island more, may also be interested in particular items and snorkel/dive products.

I bought the Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins a few months ago, and warm weather finally permitted me to putting them to use!

Now for those of you whom may of heard about the fins being horrible, do note that the ones I am reviewing are the newly designed fins, with improvements!

The fins are unique, and unlike any other, as they have a soft sandal like bootie bolted down to the thin blade of the fin. The open toe design protects you from less cramping in the water. The thin design and lack of side rail should not deter you from purchasing them, because they really provide a ton of speed in the water.

They do float, and I would primarily recommend them for snorkeling, due to this fact. Some may feel a little bit of a pull at their legs while diving deep water, however for me, I did not feel any pull, and they worked like a charm for what I needed them for, which is surface snorkeling. While in the water I was also able to push myself down into further depths without a problem.

The straps are superb, and allowed me to easily adjust them as I wanted.

I have a size 8.5 shoe, and bought the medium sized fins. They easily adjusted to my foot, and were very very comfortable. My boyfriend who is in a size 11, was also able to adjust the straps and wear the fins as well, so the medium size in my opinion is very universal as far as sizing goes.

The lightweight thin size allows me to tote them along with ease, and frankly I couldn't be happier with them.

For casual snorkeling, I recommend the Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins for sure.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A List Of Wonderful Grand Bahama Island Activites, Tours, and Excursions.

I am busily preparing all sorts of excursions for my second upcoming trip to Grand Bahama Island.

Last year (2008) we were prepared, but we did not get to do as many excursions as we would have liked to.

When I get back this year in September, I will review every and all excursion we had the time to participate in.

For those of you who are new to the island though, I found quite a few tours, and excursions that may peak your interest.

The first is ExoticAdventures (click to be taken to site)

What is so neat about this site is the fact that you can schedule for one of the example tours, or you can create your own.

I personally want to visit surrounding cays, and will likely be making arrangements with this company as the vacation draws nearer.

Visit the site for more information!

Grand Bahama Nature Tours is another tour company that has quite a few interesting tours that you will want to possibly book. They include kayak tours to Peterson Cay, Bike Riding Tours, Bird Watching, Jeep Safari, Snorkeling, and much much more!!!

Click to be Taken to their site.

Superior Watersports features numerous tours on land, or on the sea. There is sure to be something that will tickle your traveling fancy!

They feature party cruises, island tours, and a very cool semi submarine tour! Click to be taken to their site, to read more about available tours, and contact information.

Fantasia Tours is another site you will definitely want to check out. They feature all sorts of excursions. Click to be taken to site.

Xanadu Undersea Adventures is a site you will want to check out for some superb diving excursions! Click to be taken to their site to learn more.

Smiling Pat's is another site you should check out. They offer unique excursions. A particular pleaser is a tour to Sandy Cay, which is known as Gilligan's Island. There are many other excursions that run daily, so check it out. Click here to be taken to their site.

Unexso is a site you should check out as well. They've got open ocean dolphin dives, private dolphin encounters, dolphin swims, and other diving opportunities. How about diving with some sharks! Click to see their list of activities, and prices.

Pinetree Stables offers horseback riding through dreamlike trails, and flawless turquoise waters. Click to learn more.

H. Forbes Charter Service offers a ton of guided tours that you should look into. Click to view their site, and tours.

EcoVentures will take you on an awesome air boat ride through Grand Bahama Island. Click to view their many different air boat tours.

When I get back, I will have reviews on a few of the places, and how the tours were.

Dolphins at Unexo, Grand Bahama Island, Flipping Video!

Dolphin Moonwalking at Unexo, Grand Bahama Island Video

Stingray Right Off Shore at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach; Video

Puffer Fish That Lives In The Larger Reef At Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach

Beautiful Video Of Fish At Reef on Grand Bahamas Island