Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Slideshow of Grand Bahama Island

Click to be taken to another long slideshow to see the many wonders that await you on the island.


  1. Oh my goodness! So pretty. Thank you so much for the pictures. You've really made me want to visit Grand Bahama Island. Do you know where I could find some free travel brochures for the island?

  2. Hi Gary, unfortuntley I don't know where to obtain brochures, but if you just google grand bahama island, you find all sorts of tours and information about the island, also has a nice section that includes info, in fact they may even be able to mail you brochures. I've been to many islands, but GBI by far holds a special place in my heart for the low key atmosphere, and gracious people that inhabit the island. Def give it a try, and for sure make a point to see gold rock beach, aka lucayan national park... be sure to check the tides, you want to hit this unspoiled beach when its low tide to marvel in natures sand art... its a sight you'll never forget.


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