Thursday, September 17, 2009

Review: Barbary Beach- Grand Bahama Island

I just got back from Grand Bahama Island for my 2009 vacation. I visited places that I had not been able to last year, and one beach I wanted to mention to everyone is Barbary Beach.

On many forums, websites, etc, etc, it is said to be one of the top beaches on the entire island. While I would say the beach was quite beautiful, it still does not come close to being quite as stunning as Gold Rock Beach.

While the beach is quite secluded, and the pictures are worth a million words, the beach on our arrival was pretty riddled with trash.

We were able to look past all of the litter and enjoy the day on the very secluded beach. Not a single person was seen during our entire day, and we enjoyed snorkeling in the shallow pools to the right side of the beach where rocks, and corals piled up out of the sea. Here was where I took many pictures of needle nose schools. I will have to upload them at a later date, as they are buried in numerous photos I have yet to go through.

Out in the distance you will notice a small island poking up from the sea as well. This island is known as Peterson Cay, and if you want you could book kayak excursions or boat excursions out to the island. The kayak tours usually meet at Barbary Beach early in the morning. If you get to the beach early enough you will have the opportunity to watch them all paddle away, or you could join them by booking in advance.

The kayak tours claim it will take around 30 minutes to get to Peterson Cay, and I have to agree. It is quite far away, and if you are not good at kayaking, look for tours that run boats to the secluded private island.

One excursion for those of you whom enjoy kayaking, you can book a tour with Grand Bahama Nature Tours. Click to be taken to the site.

Anyhow, with that aside, Barbary Beach is beautiful, there is no denying it; however if you have to chose between Gold Rock Beach, and Barbary, hands down Gold Rock Beach wins by a landslide.

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