Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Unexso, Grand Bahama Island- Not To Be Missed!!!

Another gem nestles on Grand Bahama Island, is a little cove I like to call Paradise's creatures. (Well that's what I would have called it). It's actually called Unexso.
You can find all sorts of information on Unexso literately the moment you step off of your plane into the Freeport Airport. There will be brochures on racks as you leave the airport. Be sure to check em out, because there are so many activity brochures for you to grab.

What is Unexso?

Oh my God, it's just about the most mind blowing experience you will ever participate in. You have many choices though, at Unexso you can either have a dolphin encounter, a dolphin swim, an open ocean dolphin encounter, and so on. They also do shark dives!!!

We paid extra for the dolphin swim. The encounter is a little cheaper, but truly you wont experience the dolphins one on one, unless you do the dolphin swim.

You have to make reservations, and from wherever you are staying you need to take a cab into Porty Lucya, in order to take a ferry over to Unexso, which is hidden down a weird channel like cove. The ferry ride is part of the experience, and it is fantastic.
On the way I was able to look down into the water and see huge tropical fish swimming around. Not only that, around 10 minutes into the small ferry ride, you will see a huge abandoned pirate ship in the channel, which is just so... neat.

You will also see some of the locals shoe string fishing from the bulkheads.

Once you pull up you will see just about the cutest little atmosphere I think you will ever see. To the left there is like this adorable little hut covered in tropical leaves high up on a hill. You get off to the right, where you meet with your instructors.

We had a pretty lil' blond gal take us to our swim. The best thing about the swim was that it was only my boyfriend, I, and another couple of two. It was very private, and made it all the more comfortable.

Before hopping into the water, we were given a quick lesson on what to expect. We were also given the dolphin's names. Ones name was corral, but I cannot for the life of me remember the other ones name, simply because he was the behaved dolphin. We were told that corral at times could get fresh, which was true because she pounded my leg in, in the water with her tail. I still think she did it on purpose. hehe. Thankfully it didn't hurt... but it was one hell of a series of powerful thrusts to my leg.

After swimming around with the dolphins, the time was just about up for us to come out of the water.

First though, we were told to do certain hand signals to the dolphins. Once we did the hand signals, the dolphins would perform a trick, such as waving, spitting, speaking, and so on.

After that, we then took photos with them.

It wasn't over there though, because next we got to come out of the water and see the dolphins in all of their glory. They did flips, waved, and a slew of other awesome tasks.
The experience was not over yet though... nope. Before boarding our ferry, we were taken to a small area in the forest where a group of parrots and macaws were. Here we were able to kiss the birds (yes this one bird actually kisses!), pet them, and feed them. It really added to the enjoyment of the place. Unexso is not to be missed.

If you are going to Grand Bahama Island, you must, and I cannot stress it enough- you must take 2 hours out of your plans to take a trip to Unexso. An experience never ever to be forgotten.

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